Azerbaijan Society of Oncologists

       Azerbaijan Society of Oncologists is a voluntary organization of medical specialists performing research and practical activity in oncology and other medical fields. The Azerbaijan Society of Oncologists was established in 1972 and continued its activities until 1989. In 2005, the society was re-established under the chairmanship of Academic Jamil Aliyev.

Azerbaijan Society of Oncologists mission:

  • Improving the qualification, knowledge and skills of the society members;
  •  Wide dissemination of the achievements of oncology among the general  public;
  • Providing scientific, methodological and practical assistance in oncology to the local health organisations, studying and application of best practices and new achievements in practice;
  • Development of substantiated proposals on improving the quality of scientific work on oncology and medical care to the population;
  • Participation in the development of large-scale projects to further improve the quality of oncology care provided to the population;
  • Regulation of the implementation of public control over oncology medical care provided to the population;
  • Coordination of scientific work on oncology in central and local authorities, development of perspective and current plans, as well as involvement of public control in the process of implementation of these plans;
  • Establishment of international scientific relations, exchange of specialists, as well as advanced technologies.

      The Azerbaijan Society of Oncologists organizes monthly meetings in order to exchange knowledge in the field of oncology, increase the theoretical knowledge and experience of the specialists working in this field, as well as to acquaint them  with new scientific achievements in this field. At each meeting, specialists listen to 1-3 reports on various topics on oncology and hold discussions.